Top 50 things (that need to stop)

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Monopoly. It's a bad business practice (well, for the consumer) that actively harms everybody but the company involved. For instance, the Walt Disney Company, one of the worst companies on the planet, owns Lucasfilm Ltd and its game offshoot, ABC Televison Group, ESPN Inc, et cetera. All while taking advertisement revenue. This all happening at the same time that they're supporting bills that would be a de facto method of silencing any form of criticism of any company via false accusation of copyright infringement, violating human rights, and pollution of environments, making native species' land much more hostile. This all because they have the money to do so. They're Disney, the force to be reckoned with.
Automobile use. I don't mean in full, obviously there are some cases in which it's really not an option, but for those who can ride a bicycle, you really should. Or at least take a bus or carpool. For inter-city travel, there are many railway systems you can take. Network Rail and Amtrak both cover around 20 thousand miles of track (32,187 km), NR servicing 2,500 stations and Amtrak servicing an apparently unknowable, though likely similar amount. Indian Railways covers 71 thousand miles (115,000 km). VIA Rail has 12,000 miles. More often than not there's a station in your town.  Fucking use it.
If you're a company, that's still no excuse. Freight rail has existed since the 19th century. Use it.
Stop using emoji. This is what it looks like when you do:
Little boxes with letters and numbers in them.
Yeah, real expressive, huh dipshit? And besides, if you don't want to express yourself with something that makes you look like your vocabulary is the size of a walnut, how about you stop using cute little pictures that make me feel nice and say something?
Gluttonous HTML and CSS. You know what looks good? Reading things in plain HTML only for Seamonkey to spit this abomination out:

Yeah, looks real nice with that double logo, doesn't it? No, it doesn't actually. I don't want to scroll down for 10 seconds wading through links and advertising just to get to the actual article.
List based articles.
Now keep in mind that I actually think lists are useful. But man is it harder to find a list of something that actually needs to be in a list. No, the Top 10 Disney Princesses Redesigned Like Mulan isn't important enough to be a list article. These are creatively and often intellectually dry. What should be list articles are things that affect the lives of more than just one or two generations of people in countries rich enough that you can spend however much you did to watch The Lion King, then buy it on VHS, meanwhile people in Ireland and West Africa die from having no food, or the Indians not having clean water.
Enjoy your video, asshats.
This deserves its own entry but really it has big ties to the above list:
Social Justice Warriors.
Never in my life have I witnessed such impossibly thick people than when I saw a Social Justice Warrior. Then I saw hundreds, thousands even.
If you really want to know more, here's a link to better places to know them better:
Basically, they're racist/sexist/heterophobic/transexual because they think others are racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic. A lot of those words don't even mean anything anymore due to them wearing it down to a quotidian bluntness. And good on them, they've managed to turn triggered from an actual side effect of post traumatic stress disorder to a joke that people use to openly mock SJWs and feminism as a whole.
For someone who supports free speech and is against racial/sexual/neurological prejudice, you're doing a hell of a job, because of you more things are becoming jokes as a reaction (oh wait) to your whiny nature about something that's a non issue. That man over there is spreading his legs a little on the subway? So what? Not only is this a city service, but there's a reason that it happens: Specifically, as a male, it is uncomfortable to sit with our legs together because we have things in the way.
Locomotives, boats, buses, planes, et cetera being labeled she. Specifically, locomotives, boats, buses, planes, et cetera being labeled she when their name is specifically and unquestioningly referring to a male. For instance: Sir Ralph Wedgewood and Flying Scotsman. Both steam locomotives from eastern England. Both often referred to as she. There is nothing feminine about their names. Stop it.
People tricking you into looking at the row number you're on.
Unity 3D. Never have I seen a lazier programmer before Unity 3D. I'll give you a reason later.
These people who use bad grammar. I could handle them if they were consistent in their bad grammar, as though they had their own rules of grammar that they were grammar Nazis about. (Looking at you, America).
Unity 3D is a commercial game making engine and quasi-suite intended on allowing anyone to make a living making games easily and cheaply. Unfortunately, that means that anyone can make a living making games easily and cheaply, pumping out regular releases quicker than you can say Scott Cawthon. Anyone can now make a video game, whether they have the qualifications for it or not. (The same thing happened with easily modifiable games like Quake, but at least those games spawned franchises, like, I don't know, Team Fortress).

Because you have single amateurs on a lacklustre, jack-of-all engine, the end result is something straight out of a rat's kidney. No, making something in Unity 3D with premade assets isn't programming any more than it is mapping or modeling. Another thing about that- now they aren't even eradicating the market for programmers, now they're getting rid of the market for modelers, mappers, game musicians, et cetera. For newbies, I mean. Something that usually has years of work put into it so that the game's as polished as it can be on an in-house engine specifically suited to the gameplay is now genericised, modularised, and bought like sheep.

And first attempts now mean less. If your first attempt was subpar in 1996, you'd likely go the way of Tyrannosaurus. But nowadays, bad first attempts are smiled upon. Let's compare two first attempts at a game (Graphics only, there's no point in comparing Unity's actual gameplay to $GoldSrc because Unity's gameplay is virtually inexistent and there's no way to compare controls without knowing them).

Half-Life ( 1998 ) by Valve Software, 2 years development time:
(alpha version for a fair match, so more like 3/4 a year's dev time)

It can be considered bad graphics, but they're consistent in theme and fidelity, have no colour mismatch, and, for 1997, this was pretty good considering the alternatives of Quake and Quake 2. They used real guns, the soldier's face is hidden behind a mask to hide the fact they only had one model for the standard marine, there are quite a few white marines, and it keeps in mind that the game takes place in an abandoned, 1950s government missile silo & weapons research facility.

Unity 3D game ( 2011 ) by DrunkenLizardGames, likely maybe a month or two's development time tops:

Bad model mismatching, angular level geometry contrasting against the realistic v_model, hand that'd be at home in 2006, bad skybox. Also, there's no easily visible heads up display. It's white text on a white cloud for 90% of any time you'd play the thing. This was due to the developer's laziness, while Half-Life's lack of one altogether was due to it running on opengl, HUD support wasn't worked out for 3DFX glide cards yet. It actually worked on the Software mode, but that doesn't work on newer versions of Windows.
It may seem like I'm a hypocrite for comparing a 3/4 way complete game with a 1/10th complete one, but the difference is that DLG didn't have to make any assets, while Valve did.

And also, how about the creator being a massive hypocrite? "I think it’s sad that most people are consumers of technology and not creators."

Making a game takes thousands of £££s, a team, and years of dedication. A LITTLE less if you're simply making a mod.

Whatever these are, they're not games.
Sonic the Hedgehog fans. A sea of children who want and want and want even if it means the creator despises his creation. They don't care, it's more content for them. And if even one detail is off, they will contest it and while they're punching around the video makers for making an accident, the rest are moving on to the next unwitting target.

People who say that everything will be fine.


Nomadic lifestyles.

Windows 98.

Stop having fun guys. I remember that in the Undertale fandom there was a thing where people got upset at first timers for not going the pacifist route.

Fandom at the level of Undertale or Steven Universe at all. I like the Harry Potter books, Casablanca, and Red Dwarf, but you don't see me with an avatar from one of those properties and speaking that way, do you?

The people who hate sexually fueled furries. What does it matter if someone likes looking at pictures of 6 year old raccoons pissing in a cripple's asshole? It's not something you should actively think about, it happens behind closed doors. If it doesn't then you have reason to be upset.

Furries. Especially the ones who make complete fucking retards of themselves publically.

On a fucking Rail.

Gonarch's Lair.

Windows 10. It's a bad OS, and it spies on you to send to advertisers. Fuck M$. Of course, you can call me a hypocrite since I'm writing this on Windows XP.

SJWs part II! They've managed to make the word Nazis meaningless.

Music aggregators. Let's see, stealing content and getting fucking minted off it? Yeah, that's as much of an abominable person as they come.


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