Before I begin ripping the ARM a new one, I've got to get my credentials in order:

As The Mysterious Mr. Enter would put it, I myself am on the spectrum. My mother was 35 when I was concieved, and I've felt the consequences of it.

So when I say I would love to be normal, I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

Firstly, autism isn't something you should be proud of. Having a disorder that makes you communicate ineffectively and make drastic mistakes is, or should, be called a birth defect that will render the child unable to do as many things with their life as a normal person.

Let's get an example in here. Tom is gay. Tom is also an autistic child with a protective parent. Tom wants to tell her that he's fine, and that the mailman didn't molest him. What does Tom do? Speak the equivalent of flailing around like a retard, twisting himself in knots because he can't say that the mailman didn't touch him properly without first implying he did and having to "um" his way to confusing his mother out of the conversation.

Dave is a normal kid, but he's gay too. His mother is the same way. He's able to just say "No, mom, I didn't get molested by the mailman". He doesn't have to flail around looking for the right words because he has an improperly functioning brain. Dave resolves the issue in a timely, normal manner, while Tom's verbally flailing around like an idiot trying to tell her that the Germans alone tried changing someone's sexual orientation via trauma enough times to know that's not how it works.

Does that sound like a good time to you? It doesn't to me, that's for sure.

Now I understand that it's most likely incurable, but the autistic rights movement wants to stop any possible preventative action from being established, so that more people have to suffer like they do. News flash, assholes, you're no more creative or special than the other jackoffs who think they're hot shit. You can't do math any better, you're most certainly not more creative than a normal human, and you're for the most part just annoying to listen to. You're mostly focused on A.) making everyone accept you and the things you do without question, with the excuse of having autism. B.) Stopping children from having the chance to live a normal, productive life all because you don't like that someone called you a name one time. C.) Somehow believing that you can do things other people can't, and just making a fool of yourself and embarrassing the people in your vicinity, all because "I have autism! It's no big deal! I have autism!".

Sorry, did I say "any"? I meant to say "any possible preventative action against high-functioning autism and Asperger's disease". They don't give a fuck about low-functioning autism. They simply don't give a fuck unless you're able to function normally, which defeats the whole point of an autistic rights movement. They're content to leave LFAs out in the cold because they're "not like us", a phrase I'm pretty sure I've heard somewhere before, even if I can't quite place it right now.

Which means that the autistic rights movement is really just a strokefest where everyone congratulates each other for their accidents of birth, except for Debbie in the corner who hasn't said a word in her whole life and is just content to sit there, rocking back and forth, playing with her hands and crying because that's the only thing she can do, really. They'd rather pretend she didn't exist, thank you very much.

Although I'm not low-functioning, I've seen many low-functioning people and I can say that it's fucking terrifying and it pisses me off to no end to hear someone coming in and saying "nobvdy should look for a way to prevent autism! You're beautiful no matter what!". They barely have control of themselves, and many are mute, and so they are reserved to their life of being cared for, having to not know whether or not their condition will kill them tomorrow, not being able to tell anyone about their fears or problems.

And here you are, wanting to take the risk that more and more children end up like that because you're too proud to see that your condition is actively harmful.

They want equality with the "neurotypicals," (a word I still hate), as long as that equality's all for them that is, so that they can live out their "lifestyle" with impunity. I think it's time to


Autism (and Asperger's) isn't a fucking way of life, it's a birth condition that you had no way of choosing for yourself. Veganism is a way of life. "Autism is a way of life" is exactly the same as "being black is a choice" or "being gay is a lifestyle", it's fucking not, it's a birth accident and you better fucking accept it as that.

And if autism was an expression of the human genome that was intended by nature, then why the fuck is it that it only happens to people whose parents fucked up before they were born and not any twenty-three/twenty-four year old couple? It's almost like it's not supposed to happen!

Also, autism isn't a fucking personality trait, and you're not killing an autistic person by letting a child live a normal, healthy life. You're just being a decent fucking person.


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