There's one thing on Earth that I hate so much that I couldn't even put it in the top 50 things that need to stop

and that thing is the Neocities mobile page editor; often times when I try to scroll up it (or, rather, the iPhone I use to edit the website) thinks I want to zoom in, and also I can't select or paste any text, which rules out the remote possibility of posting any MST while on the go (or even sitting elsewhere in the house than the computer). Not to mention mobile Safari is worse than Ebola AIDS. I couldn't count on my fingers the number of times it crashes in a day trying to load a wikia page.

All I can say is that a mobile web, at least the way Apple executed it in 2014, for iOS 6.1.6 and 7.1.2, is a horrid idea and the people who don't think so really do deserve to be shot.