Gays, faggots, and homosexuals.

Not all synonyms, at least how I use them.

A faggot isn't necessarily homosexual, he (and it is 99% a male category) is simply a feminine complainer who cares mostly about first world problems. If they are wearing pink and just yelled about Twitter being down, that's a faggot. See: Seth W MacFarlane's homosexual characters, Milo Stewart, et al.

A gay person is a homosexual who immerses themselves into gay culture, such as literature and music, with some characteristic traits—a fixation on their own sexuality and fetishes, traces of femininity, being highly defensive of their position, and pushing their sexuality on others. Is related to the idea of the "obnoxiously gay", but is immersed in the subculture as well. He's gayer than thou, and really wants you to know it.

A chick at least for this page doesn't refer to a young woman, but to a young homosexual who's caught somewhere between a gay person and a homosexual. They think their sexuality is somewhat important and like to bring it up every now and then. Example: Tumblr feminists under 25.

Finally, a homosexual: someone attracted to their own sex, or in its loosest form, people with their own genitals.