So what is nuclearism? It's a school of thought that tells us that nuclear power is the way of the future. Everyone's thinking "Go green, solar power! Yeah!", but what they don't get is that it's not at all effective in the long run. It doesn't matter what method you choose. Think that wind power will work? Well think again, it's just a little better than either solo. We'd have to pump top dollar starting now to make these effective by the time that Peak Oil hits.

So what can we do? Nuclear power. The sun will go away and water will calm, but nuclear reactions don't care, they go until they can't go at all. Plus, thorium is so efficient we could solve pretty much all of our problems by having thorium reactors in major cities and using electric trains for regional & inter-city  transportation.

But of course, that wouldn't ever happen, people don't like the idea of nuclear power near them. So I guess we'll continue for another 5-15 years and then figure out where to go from there.

Based on the peak oil topic on the Accursed Farms forums.