Satan & Hades don't deserve as much hate as they get.

You know, both Satan and Hades don't deserve all the shit they get. I'll start off with Satan, since that's the one you all know. Also, I'm going to use the King James version since that's the version I learned during my time as a practising Mormon.

Satan didn't like how God was doing things, so he started a war. I think you all can figure out how that went. So after God defeats Satan in the war that happened roughly around Revelations B.C., he threw him down to Earth and made him his bitch. God loved free choice so much that he told Satan to offer the Fruit to Eve and pretend he didn't want them to eat it, and being human she took it. God punished them but notice he doesn't really do much to punish the snake, aside from a little bruising. So now that Satan is God's bitch, he stands at the doorway to Hell to open it for people that God throws down because they did something he didn't like, like eat a fig or send a child to his death to grab a penny. Satan has nothing to do with the process of whether or not you go to Hell, he's just there to open the door on God's whim.

Now for Hades. He had it even worse, he didn't even start a war this time, he just drew a straw and became Official Doorkeeper of the Underworld. And people still hated him, enough that the WDC went to shit on his image even further by making him the villain of that horrible Hercules film.

In short, these people aren't even malicious, they just got the short end of luck and everyone hates their guts to this day. I don't think they should be worshipped, but a little recognition of their not evil ness would be nice.