I can think up video games too, Pedo!

By the way, when I say "pedo," I mean pedophilevendor, available at pedovendor.neocitiies.org.

This was my first idea, from 23 Sextilis '16:

A deathmatch game with unlockable tiers of weapons you can get by doing certain things.

I think it would be fun, wouldn't it? Start with late 19th century guns, work your way up to 21st.

*You can choose your own playermodel, and it will show up for other users of the server.
*Graphics you can run on your Voodoo2.
*Mod support.
*Addons and scripts for servers.
And for the second one, it's a Half-Life mod.

The mod starts on a train to a crowded university campus at night. You are Claude Leopold Atkins, an 18 year old filmmaking student attending Freeman University, a beacon of activity and new life in an otherwise run down, ramshackle Tennessee university town of 17,000. The town's inhabitants are very diverse, everyone has something to tell. Maybe too much. There are rumours among the more superstitious students that the town folk aren't exactly 100% . . . human. The rumour comes to you, and you decide to investigate, bringing along the friend who told you, Rodney Douglas. But you soon find out things you should never have, get into the thick of a familial struggle, and it becomes a fight to survive as the townsfolk turn on you, calling in the local police and even the military. You must fight to survive, get out, and tell whoever you can what you find before it's too late.

By the way, "Freeman University" is coincidental and refers to Morgan Freeman, since, you know, films.

There's not going to be as much gunplay as in Half-Life, it's more like Strife. But still, there will be a couple weapons: revolver, MP5 (modified so that it has a 30 round magazine and shoots in bursts), and shotgun. Plus, your friend Rodney will be a permanent ally (at least, as long as you don't let him die, and trust me he can die) and will have the ability to upgrade himself with most weapons left on the ground.

That was from February.

And finally, from 28 April,
I've already posted, like, two projects of mine here, so naturally I figured I don't have enough on my plate when you take into account school and YouTube. I was watching some God of War gameplay, and had a spark of inspiration. Now that I think of it, it resembles Nightmare Creatures. You're a man from the American West, 1876. You're mysteriously transplanted from your simple farming life to a small house in a dark forest. You don't know where you are or what's going on, just that the house is abandoned and filled to the brim with supplies, arms, and money. You stock up on technology more advanced than anything you could dream of. . .but to them, it's ancient history. You hear a knock on the door, and there's a human-sized thing. Whether it be a monster or demon, you don't know, all you know is it's dead now. And the others are pissed.
When you leave the house for the forest, you see a gargantuan version of the creature. That was just a baby, and you're fucked unless you can get to a shop to upgrade yourself.
The horde comes at you, and you're in a big mansion now with ample open space. You wage war on the things and get out just in time.
As you go through, you can access shops to switch out what weapons you own on the fly, spanning from 1890s relics to lasers, submachine guns, and double-cylindered chainguns.
You won't have a partner AI, just you and your gun against the hordes of monsters you need to kill. And they're tough, too, having weapons that outmatch yours. You'll need to have better accuracy and tactics than them if you want to outlast your foes.
SPOILER (select to read)
At the end of the game, it's revealed that no John, you are the demons, and you killed a quarter of the souls in Heaven, and you're sent to the most torturous level of Hell. If you want, follow it up with Halfquake.

Ideas? Thoughts? Shut the hell up?

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